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At by SunClear we make it easy for you to order your custom night guard or your clear retainers in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost.

How to take your Impression

Buy Custom Clear Retainers Set of 1 Lower and 1 Upper



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Custom Clear Retainers Set of 1 Lower and 1 Upper

Custom Clear Retainers Set of 1 Lower and 1 Upper

Sale price $149.00 Regular price $179.00

Custom Clear Soft Night Guard Upper or Lower

Custom Clear Soft Night Guard Upper or Lower

Sale price $119.00 Regular price $129.00

Custom Hard Night Guard - for Upper or Lower

Custom Hard Night Guard - for Upper or Lower

Sale price $119.00 Regular price $129.00

How it Works

  • Welcome Lets Get Started

    For best results read the directions in its entirety. The process from start to finish should take approximately 20 minutes.

  • Take your Impression

    In 4 easy steps you will be on your way to a new custom mouth guard or retainer.  Please remember to read the directions before starting.

  • Ship it Back to Us

    Once you have finished your impression.  Place the tray in the pre-paid envelope and drop them in the mail. We will take care of the rest.


I'm getting new crowns soon, should I wait to order?

We highly recommend that you wait! After having new crowns put on, your teeth need time to “settle”—and then your dentist can make any additional adjustments before you fit yourself for a custom night guard.

Do you accept insurance?

Currently, does not work directly with any insurance companies. However, our night guards can help improve your overall health, reducing issues that may lead to mounting dental bills down the line and impede uninterrupted sleep. So, they are great investments, and half the price you would pay at your dental office!!

Do your night guards help sleep apnea?

Our guards are not meant to treat sleep apnea. We design them to protect your teeth from the effects of nighttime grinding and clenching (bruxism).

Should I get a night guard for the upper and lower part of my mouth?

It’s up to you! For the best experience and results, choose a top or bottom guard based on which part of your mouth has the best teeth alignment. Ideally, you want to choose an area with no missing teeth and well-aligned.  And if you have a loose tooth, have it stabilized first before wearing a night guard to protect it from being further traumatized from grinding and clenching.

What materials do you use to make your night guards?

We make all of our night guards with FDA-approved acrylic materials from the U.S. and Germany. We never use latex, BPA, or Phthalate.

Do your night guards last longer than over-the-counter guards?

Yes! You can expect your custom guard to last between one to five years—sometimes even longer. Durability depends on how severe your grinding and/or clenching is, and how well you maintain your guard.

Will you send a new impression kit if mine doesn't work the first time.

Certainly. If your impression doesn’t come out right—or if the three tray sizes don’t fit your bite—just let us know and we’ll send another kit free of charge (with smaller or larger trays, if necessary). 

How soon will I have my custom guard?

Very soon! Typically, you’ll receive your custom night or day guard within 10 days of mailing us your finished teeth impression.

Can I use my guard as a teeth bleaching tray?

We don’t recommend it. For the best teeth bleaching results, use a custom-made bleaching tray. Our night guards feature a different design than trays made specifically for bleaching.

Can I stop the shifting with a clear retainer?

The great news is that studies show that the majority of people can stop this negative movement by simply sleeping in a clear orthodontic retainer at night. These retainers also serve to protect the teeth from minor clenching and grinding that often occur in stressful times when we sleep. CLEAR RETAINERS WILL NOT STRAIGHTEN YOUR TEETH BUT INSTEAD JUST MAINTAIN THE TEETH IN THEIR CURRENT POSITION!

How do clear retainers work?

In the beginning, we will send you an at home impression kit with instructions on how to capture a perfect impression of your teeth. Don’t worry, it is not difficult! It is very important to get an ideal impression so can make a perfect model of your teeth. From these models, we will fabricate beautiful, clear and comfortable retainers that fit intimately around your teeth. Remember, these retainers will simply hold your teeth where they are and prevent further movement. They will not straighten your teeth!

How many hours per day do I need to wear the clear retainer?

This is a tricky question because everyone is different. Some people’s teeth have a tendency to move faster than others and a few very fortunate people’s teeth may not move at all. The great news is it is simple to adjust your wearing habits to meet your individual needs. The retainers conform to each individual tooth and fit snugly but passively on the teeth. If slight movement occurs while not wearing the retainers than those retainers will feel tight (because the teeth moved slightly) when placed back on the teeth. If this movement is very small the retainer will move the teeth back to their initial position and the retainers will become passive again. Ideally, we want you to wear the retainers enough time to keep the teeth from moving and allow the retainers to always be passive (not actively moving teeth but instead just holding them). For most people 6-8 hours per night is sufficient to keep teeth from moving.