How To Take Your Impressions

Step 1- Let's Get Organized and Prepped 

-Please watch the tutorial video in its entirety. 

-Clean teeth thoroughly by flossing and brushing with toothpaste.

-Wash both hands with antibacterial soap.

-Make sure the tray covers your back teeth.

-Use a timer to keep you on track.


-Contact us at to request a different tray.

* Please note an impression without back teeth cannot be used.*


Step 2 - Mix the 2 putties together ( 1 MINUTE OR LESS ) 


-Make sure your hands are clean and dry.  DO NOT wear latex gloves.

-Using dry fingers, mix the 2 putties together firmly and throughly until its one uniform color. * Try and do this step in 30 seconds *

-Mold the solid color putty into a 4" log shape then shape into the tray * Please have the last 2 steps done in 1 minute or less*

 **IMPORTANT** The mixing of the putty process should not take more than 30 seconds.  The process from mixing to shaping into the tray should be less than 1 minute.  Otherwise the putty will harden before you are able to take the impression. ( PRO TIP: Use a timer when doing this step )

Step 3 - Take the Impressions 

- Insert the tray into your mouth and do your best to position your teeth in the center of the putty log.  ( PRO TIP: Use a mirror to see your teeth hit the putty. )

- Use your thumbs to push the tray with even force into your teeth.  The putty will be ousted to cover the teeth and part of the gum.  Please do not bite down.

- Make sure all back teeth are also on the putty.

- Push the extra putty above your gums.

- Without any movement, hold the tray for 3:30 minutes ( PRO TIP: use a timer ) for the putty to harden. After 3:30 minutes, gently remove the tray by pulling it off your teeth.  **IMPORTANT** Please do NOT wiggle side to side or it may distort the impression lines.

Step 4 - Send Impression 

- Rinse your mold with cold water and let dry.

- Place your impression tray into clear plastic bag and place in the prepaid envelope provided.

**DO NOT remove mold from the tray**

- Fill out your impression return form.  No worries if you lost your order form.  Download here for a new order form.

- Place in your mailbox.

Types of impressions we can NOT use.  If you have any problems with your impression, please email us at We will send you a new impression kit.