Custom Clear Retainers Set of 1 Lower and 1 Upper

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Our custom clear dental retainers are created in our dental laboratory using 1 mm clear dental material.  Our dental retainers are designed to prevent the teeth from moving, grinding, or shifting after braces, orthodontic work, or Invisalign.  This is the same clear dental retainer product you would get from a dentist or orthodontist's office without the cost or hassle of a dental visit. You will receive both upper and lower clear dental retainers.

How it Works:
1.       We will ship the clear dental retainer self-impression kit directly to your home.
2.       **IMPORTANT**  Please watch the how-to video on creating the perfect dental retainer impression in its entirety. 

3.      You will mail back the dental retainer impressions in the pre-paid, self-addressed package along with your custom dental retainer order form. The dental retainer order form is very important and must be sent with your dental impressions.  This form is how the laboratory is able to attach your personal information and mail back the dental retainers to you.  
4.       The dental laboratory will create the custom dental retainers and ship them directly to you.

With your custom dental retainer order you will receive:

2 -Sets of dental retainer impression material - 1 set will be used for the dental impression but mistakes can happen, so we include 2 sets. 
2 -Dental Retainer Impression trays and 2 clear ziplocked dental retainer return bags.
1 -Detailed dental impression instruction pamphlet with the dental retainer order form.
1 -Prepaid, Self- Addressed return package (domestic orders only)

In your return package you will receive:
1 -Set of Upper and Lower Essix Plus Super Clear Dental Retainers 
1 -Dental Retainer Clear Storage Case 

Please allow 10-15 business days after the impression molds are received in our dental laboratory to complete the custom dental retainers and shipped back to you.