One Single Custom Clear Orthodontic Retainer by SunClear

Regular price $99.00

Our custom clear retainer are created in our dental lab using 1 mm clear material by SunClear.  Our retainers are designed to prevent the teeth from moving or shifting after braces, orthodontic work or Invisalign.  This is the same product you would get from a dentist/orthodonist without the cost or hassle of a dental visit.  **This is for one upper or lower tray only**

How it Works:
1.       We will ship the self-impression Kit.
2.       Watch the video and take an impression at home. Mail us back your impression and your order form. If order form isn't shipped back, we aren't able to tell who shipped the impression.
3.       We’ll make retainer and ship them back to you.

With your order you will receive:
1 Set of impression material  
1 Impression tray for either upper or lower (Please select Upper or Lower on your order form)
1 Instruction pamphlet with the return form
1 Prepaid postage return label (domestic orders only)

In your return package you will receive:
1 Custom Upper OR Lower Retainer by SunClear 
1 Storage Case